BIM Data Management in Organizations

Data is the central core of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology. Even though there are significant efforts to increase BIM participation in the AEC industry, mainly in the early stages of the project life cycle, organizations struggle when managing the extensive geometrical and alphanumerical information provided by integrated BIM models. Therefore, according to the management given to this matter, this valuable asset impacts either positively or not both AEC projects and business.

Successful data management demands collaborative and practical use throughout the project, involving all the stakeholders who will use or manipulate that information. Thus, companies face challenges in reaching accessibility to the data for all the collaborators, considering their particular knowledge, abilities and role.

In other words, data needs to be controlled and measured in place of being able to plan, make and execute decisions. This raises the question of how the data can be extracted from the BIM models and other software and introduced in the daily process and workflows of a team project or company.

Customized BIM report by DBABIM

Furthermore, improving and optimizing those processes and workflows helps save time and resources by leading strengths on tasks that would give value to the project or business. For example, automatizing your collaborators’ repetitive tasks would allow them to focus on the main functions of their role and have time to improve their skills and feel valuable to the team.

Have you ever wondered how you could use all the information allowed in your BIM models? Do you ever imagine how helpful it would be if you could make a printable report that automatically extracts the data you need from your model so you don’t have to do it manually? Or would you want to associate those quantities on Revit with a pricing list and have an accurate budget?

At DBABIM, we will not only make all of those things you wish possible but also help you to improve and implement data management in your company by giving you the tools and training to take advantage of your BIM models with a customized service that fits your needs, ensuring data integrity across project phases and stakeholders.

Maria Paz Novoa

BIM Architect at DBABIM

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